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U.S. Figure Skating Answers Your Questions

26 Feb

On Tuesday, February 26th, U.S. Figure Skating asked for your questions on Facebook and Twitter. Here are the answers:

Katherine Bailey asked

“I’m 43 years old and used to skate when I was in grade school. I regret giving it up. I was told exercise would be good for me and the thing I miss the most is skating. I will have to start from scratch. I live 50 miles from Chicago and I know you can hire a coach….the prices are affordable, and need advice since skating has changed so much since the 70s and 80s.”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

Many positives exist that make becoming involved in skating as an adult quite beneficial. One of those positives is derived from that fact that a person’s skating experience and ability is never a concern or barrier for participation, rather, it is quite the opposite. The focus of skating as an adult is more centered around the joy one feels while on the ice and mastering new skills. To get started, visit http://www.usfsa.org/Programs.asp?id=47 to find a group skating program near you. There are many to choose from in the Chicagoland area. Once you select a few convenient ones, contact the rink directly to find out details about their programs, list of coaches, schedules and fees. We offer lots of helpful tips to get started within the Basic Skills and Adult Skating Program webpages to assist you in getting back on the ice. Best wishes and have fun! Practice, practice, practice!

Bridget Cope Noel asked

“Are there any training scholarships offered at the Pre-pre level?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

Athletes and parents seeking financial assistance early in their careers should explore their local skating clubs, schools, community organizations, or support system. Examples of funding sources include:

  • Skating Clubs: clubs often budget money to assist skaters in need.
  • Service Clubs: Organizations within your community may have scholarship or sponsorship funds available to young people. Common examples are the Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, or your church or school.
  • Community Fundraising: Create a fundraising campaign including bake sales or car washes to help raise money for training.

For more information about Athlete Funding, you may also visit: http://www.usfsa.org/Athletes.asp?id=325

Ron Runyon asked

“Any suggestions on the best blade mount person? Got a pair that’s a challenge and looking for a skilled master?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

The best way to find out about skate technicians in your area is to ask some local skating coaches, skating directors and perhaps some higher level competitive skaters and their parents to find out who they recommend. Word of mouth will be beneficial to you.

Debbie Hathaway asked

My daughter is 11 years old and is currently at a Basic 5 level. This is her first year of skating and is with Watertown Figure Skating Club in Watertown SD. What level does she need to pass in order to test? She would like to attend skating camp as well. Is there a camp near Watertown, SD that she can attend? Also, is there a year round ice area around Watertown SD that she can skate on? She is a VERY dedicated skater and loves to skate. What type of skates does she need and blades for next season? She is already trying some jumps, spins and other skills that are Freeskate 1, 2 and 3. Thank you for your help! She and I love skating!

U.S. Figure Skating answered

We are very excited to hear how much you love skating! Basic 5 is a great level and she is soon on her way to learning more advanced jumps and spins. Official U.S. Figure Skating tests begin with the pre-preliminary moves and freeskating level – to find out more information about Tests click here. Your best source of information for other programs and events in your area, please check with your local skating director or some staff coaches because they will be able to share pertinent information with you including suggestions on skates and proper fit and area skating camps. Best wishes to you both!

Sheila Williams asked

“I signed my daughter up for basic skills level but don’t know what level she is at. She has been skating under ISI and through ISI she is in Freestyle 1 classes but has competed at Delta level. How do I know where she is at for USFS and when does she go through testing?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

The Basic Skills Charts are all posted in the Basic Skills section on the www.usfigureskating.org so please review the list of skills in Basic 8 and Free Skate 1 for whichever level she will be most comfortable. Official U.S. Figure Skating tests begin with the pre-preliminary moves and free skating levels – to find out more information about Tests click here. To view video clips of each of the skills within the Basic Skills Program, we offer our own App Series for the iPhone and iPad. Please go to the iTunes Store and search for U.S. Figure Skating to find them.

Christine Frances Tieberg asked

“At what point should you report a coach for bad behavior?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

This is dependent upon the situation and severity of the behavior. Figure skating clubs must have a conflict resolution process for handling complaints so please start with the local club where the coach is a member. If it needs to be reported, please contact the PSA or U.S. Figure Skating for more guidance.

Andrea Mill Martin asked

“My 7 year old just passed Freestyle 2. She skates for 45 min 3 days/wk and an off-ice session. What’s a reasonable amount of practice time for a skater her age to be competitive but not get burned out? How does that increase as she gets older?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

It is our recommendation that for every lesson a child has, they should practice for three times that length (ratio 3:1 – 1 lesson of 20 minutes= practice for an hour). The most important thing is about developing solid technique, deliberate practice and that she is having fun and always wants to come back for more. As her skill level increases so should her practice/lesson time.

Someone on Facebook asked

“How do I find a better (as in better suited to our needs) coach for my daughter? We have been using one of the instructors where my daughter started w/ basic skills. We love her coach, but I feel like she needs someone who will push her more. We are in the Ann Arbor/ Detroit, Mi area. I’m not sure I could just ask around, since everyone knows each other here and I really don’t want it getting back to her current coach that we are looking until we talk with her. We really like her coach and don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

There are many factors involved in selecting a coach. Some things to consider are personality, teaching style, experience and technical know-how. You know your child and have the best idea of who might make a good fit. We have two articles posted in the Coaches section of www.usfigureskating.org on Hiring Coaches and the Proper Procedures for Changing Coaches and also within the Club Parent page, under the Parent tab. Please review these documents carefully and consider all of your options before making any decisions.

Blanca Oliviery asked

“My 7 year old is currently ISI member. What are the advantages/disadvantages of becoming a USFS member?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

There are SO many advantages of being a U.S. Figure Skating member! First being, that you are a member of the governing body for the sport of figure skating. We offer programs for all ages and abilities – from Basic Skills to Team USA. To learn more about all of the fabulous programs we offer, please go to http://www.usfsa.org/Programs.asp. If you have any specific membership questions, please contact Susi Wehrli at swehrli@usfigureskating.org.

Dana MacGregor Vieke asked

“I passed tests back in the late 60’s. Is there a way to receive a record or proof of these since it’s so long ago?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

Please fill out a Test Verification form and we can search the records for your tests. To receive one, please contact Member Services at jdiltz@usfigureskating.org

Susan Kibre asked

“My daughter’s feet have finally stopped growing the past 2 years and for the first time I am wondering – how do you tell when a skate starts to break down? All along we’ve had to get new skates because her feet have grown, and I’m thinking 2 years in the same skates are time to get new ones, but she insists they feel fine still.”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

The most important thing is that she has the proper support for her skating activities. It is our recommendation that you visit with a reputable skate technician in your area for a formal evaluation.

Allie Subdivide Penna asked

“Where can I get started if I wanted to do pairs?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

Talk with your coach about your desire to begin skating pairs and find out what the opportunities are around you. Ask your coach if they could network for you with PSA rated pairs coaches to get advice on how to get started.

Tammy Luc Brooks asked

“When will synchronized skating become an Olympic sport? How can we make this happen? Can it become an X-games event?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

Frankly, we don’t know if or when Synchronized Skating will become an Olympic event. The sport has more than a decade of international championships as well as worldwide participation but the process is a tough one for a sport to become added to the Games and the decision is ultimately out of our hands. We will continue to support Synchronized Skating and we would love the discipline to some day be contested at the Olympics. For now, we are extremely excited to be hosting this year’s World Synchronized Skating Championships in Boston this April. We don’t feel Synchronized Skating has a future in the X-Games.

Cindy Gilbert Reynolds asked

“What is the difference between all of the jumps?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

This article appeared in the 2010 edition of the Basic Skills Magazine and should answer all your questions about the jumps.

Nicole Azar asked

“I passed ISI and USFS tests as a child. I’m an adult now and would love to start skating again but I have no records of my tests. I want to join a club and get skate time but I need proof of my tests. Thank you”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

Please fill out a Test Verification form and we can search the records for your U.S. Figure Skating tests. To receive one, please contact Member Services at jdiltz@usfigureskating.org.

Emily Spengler asked

“I’m testing novice moves and I’m scared what’s some advice?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

It is our advice (as former skaters who took a lot of skating tests in our day) that it is important to be fully trained and properly prepared and you are able to consistently skate passing moves during practice sessions. You also must have complete confidence in yourself before taking the test. Don’t forget that you can rely on your coach for support, encouraging words and tips. Best of luck!

Kennedy Arnold asked

“What’s the best way to keep skating in my life as I go off to college? Is it realistic to want to open my own rink someday?”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

You can keep skating in your life as you transition into college by researching intercollegiate skating programs or teams at your university by contacting your university, looking through our Colleges with Intercollegiate Skating document and also the Intercollegiate Skating page. You can also purchase the Collegiate Membership, which is a four-year membership through your home figure skating club.  This membership carries the same privileges as a full membership, including a subscription to SKATING magazine and testing and competition privileges. If your college does not have an intercollegiate team or club program, you can begin one of these at your university. Forming or skating on a team is a great way to meet friends, form a peer network and stay involved with our sport. For more information on this contact Brenda Glidewell, Director of Skating Programs at bglidewell@usfigureskating.org.

If you desire to open your own rink someday, I would recommend that you contact Serving The American Rinks (STAR) for more information on the costs and process associated with this.

Parris-Lynn Barker Case asked

“When will we see more events, for example jumps, spins or MIF at a National or International level? So many other Olympic sports offer many more opportunities to medal. Gymnastics even offers a team medal.”

U.S. Figure Skating answered

We have great news if you enjoy the team event in gymnastics as figure skating will have a team event at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Each team will be represented by the skaters that make up their Olympic team and they will compete for combined points based on their finish in one entry in each of the four disciplines. The event will take begin before Opening Ceremonies, before the individual events. Stay tuned to this year’s World Team Trophy in April for a similar feel. You will absolutely learn more about the new team event if you follow our Facebook updates. As for other events, the sport is ever-evolving, but there are no plans to expand past what will be offered at the 2014 Games as of right now.


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