Boston Selected to Host 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships

5 Jun

U.S. Figure Skating announced today the selection of Boston as the host city for the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Jan. 5-12, 2014. The 2014 U.S. Championships will serve as the final qualifying event prior to the selection of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team that will represent Team USA Feb. 7-23, 2014, in Sochi, Russia, at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Competition and practice for the 2014 Championships will be held at TD Garden and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center respectively.

The 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships marks the seventh time the event has been held in Boston (1922, ’26, ’31, ’41, ’62, 2001) and is being hosted by the Skating Club of Boston (SC of Boston).

Boston’s rich skating history stems from the SC of Boston, one of U.S. Figure Skating’s seven founding clubs and the third oldest club in the United States, having been founded in 1912. Seven of the SC of Boston’s members have served as U.S. Figure Skating Presidents (Sherwin Badger, Charles Foster, Hugh Graham, Jr., Charles Rotch, Franklin Nelson, Winsor Weld and Benjamin T. Wright).

The club’s members also include two World and Olympic champions (Dick Button and Tenley Albright), two World Junior champions (Stephen Carriere and Jennifer Kirk), thirteen U.S. champions (Tenley Albright, Sherwin Badger, Dick Button, Suzanne Davis, Lorraine Hanlon Bradley Lord, Gretchen Merrill, Nathaniel Niles, Maribel Vinson Owen, Laurence Owen, Theresa Weld, Joan Tozzer, Roger Turner) and six World Figure Skating Hall of Fame members (Tenley Albright, Dick Button, Cecilia Colledge, Willie Frick, Bud Wilson and Benjamin T. Wright).

2001 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Michelle Kwan won her fourth-consecutive and fifth overall U.S. title. Kwan’s training mate, Timothy Goebel won the men’s championship after a free skate that included a quadruple Salchow-triple toe loop. Both Kwan and Goebel were coached by Frank Carroll at the time, making Carroll the second coach in U.S. history to have both the ladies and men’s champions as pupils (Richard Callaghan first accomplished this feat in 1997 with Tara Lipinski and Todd Eldredge.) Chatham, Mass., native, Todd Eldredge, claimed the men’s silver medal. Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev became the ice dancing champions for the third-consecutive time while Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman won their second-consecutive pairs title. Also in the pairs event, brother-sister duo Danielle and Steve Hartsell nearly withdrew after Steve hit his head on a fall in practice, requiring 12 stitches; however, they decided to compete, winning the short program and placing third overall. Meanwhile, future two-time U.S. champion (2009, ’11) Alissa Czisny placed second in the junior ladies event.

2001 U.S. Championships Medalists

Gold Silver Bronze
Ladies Michelle Kwan Sarah Hughes Angela Nikodinov
Men’s Timothy Goebel Todd Eldredge Matthew Savoie
Pairs Kyoko Ina & John Zimmerman Tiffany Scott & Philip Dulebohn Danielle Hartsell & Steve Hartsell
Ice Dancing Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto Jessica Joseph & Brandon Forsyth

1962 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Barbara Roles won the ladies competition after coming out of retirement following the 1961 plane crash that killed the entire U.S. World Team. SC of Boston’s Lorraine Hanlon took the silver medal. Hanlon had won the 1961 U.S. junior title and had been invited to travel with the 1961 U.S. World Team to participate in the World Figure Skating Championships exhibition; however, she declined the invitation due to school obligations. Like Hanlon, Monty Hoyt had also won the junior title in 1961, but won the men’s title in 1962 ahead of 12 year old Scott Allen. The pairs champions, Dorothyann Nelson and Pieter Kollen finished ahead of two brother-sister teams, Judianne Fotheringill and Jerry Fotheringill and Vivian Joseph and Ronald Joseph. Nelson and Kollen also placed second in the ice dancing competition just behind the newly formed team of Yvonne Littlefield and Peter Betts.

Also at the 1962 U.S. Championships, future U.S. men’s champions Thomas Litz and Tim Wood won the junior and novice men’s events. Peggy Fleming won the novice ladies silver medal.

1962 U.S. Championships Medalists

Gold Silver Bronze
Ladies Barbara Roles Lorraine Hanlon Victoria Fisher
Men’s Monty Hoyt Scott Allen David Edwards
Pairs Dorothyann Nelson & Pieter Kollen Judianne Fotheringill & Jerry Fotheringill Vivian Joseph & Ronald Joseph
Ice Dancing Yvonne Littlefield & Peter Betts Dorothyann Nelson & Pieter Kollen Lorna Dyer & King Cole

1941 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

In his second-straight win, Eugene Turner took the gold medal in the men’s event. He also became the pairs champion with Donna Atwood. Sandy MacDonald and Harold Hartshorne won their third-consecutive and final ice dancing championship. For Hartshorne, who had previously competed with Nettie Prantell, the victory marked his fifth-straight ice dancing title. Jane Vaughn became the ladies champion for the first time. Vaughn is also the older sister of Arthur Vaughn, who won the men’s silver at the 1941 Championships and became the men’s champion in 1943. Finishing just behind Vaughn was Gretchen Merrill, a SC of Boston skater who went on to win six-consecutive U.S. titles (1943-48).

In addition to her pairs success with Eugene Turner, Donna Atwood also won the junior ladies title.

 1941 U.S. Championships Medalists

Gold Silver Bronze
Ladies Jane Vaughn Gretchen Merrill Charlotte Walther
Men’s Eugene Turner Arthur Vaughn William Nagle
Pairs Donna Atwood & Eugene Turner Patricia Vaeth & Jack Might Joan Mitchell & Bobby Specht
Ice Dancing Sandy MacDonald & Harold Hartshorne Elizabeth Kennedy & Eugene Turner Edith Whetstone & A.L. Richards

1931 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

SC of Boston skaters dominated the 1931 Championships as Roger Turner and Maribel Vinson each won their fourth-consecutive titles in the ladies and men’s events. Vinson also won the pairs silver medal with fellow SC of Boston member, George Hill. Like Vinson, James Madden represented the Boston club in two events, men’s and pairs. He finished second in men’s and third in pairs with his sister, Grace Madden. Another Boston skater, Sherwin Badger, won his second-consecutive pairs title with Beatrix Loughran (Loughran represented the Skating Club of New York). In ice dancing, longtime SC of Boston members Theresa Weld Blanchard and Nathaniel Niles won the original dance while Edith Secord and Ferrier Martin won the Waltz. (Prior to 1936, the ice dancing event was held as two separate events).

Ice dancing champion Joseph Savage with Marjorie Parker (1936) and Edith Secord (1929-30) won the junior men’s crown.

1931 U.S. Championships Medalists

Gold Silver Bronze
Ladies Maribel Vinson Edith Secord Hulda Berger
Men’s Roger Turner James Madden George Hill
Pairs Beatrix Loughran

& Sherwin Badger

Maribel Vinson

& George Hill

Grace Madden

& James Madden

Ice Dancing Waltz: Edith Secord & Ferrier Martin Waltz: Clara Frothingham & Harold Hartshorne Waltz: -
Original Dance: Theresa Weld Blanchard & Nathaniel Niles Original Dance: Edith Secord & Ferrier Martin Original Dance: Clara Frothingham & George Hill

1926 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

SC of Boston’s Theresa Weld Blanchard and Nathaniel Niles won their eighth pairs championship. Niles also competed in the men’s event, placing second behind Chris Christenson. Beatrix Loughran won her second-consecutive championship. The winners of the ice dancing events were Sydney Goode and James Greene (Fourteen Step) and Rosalie Dunn and Joseph Savage (Waltz). (Prior to 1936, the ice dancing event was held as two separate events).

Roger Turner won the junior men’s crown. In addition to winning the ladies title, Beatrix Loughran also won the junior pairs event with Raymond Harvey.

1926 U.S. Championships Medalists

Gold Silver Bronze
Ladies Beatrix Loughran Theresa Weld Blanchard Maribel Vinson
Men’s Chris Christenson Nathaniel Niles Ferrier Martin
Pairs Theresa Weld Blanchard & Nathaniel Niles Sydney Goode & James Greene Grace Munstock & Joel Liberman
Ice Dancing Waltz: Rosalie Dunn & Joseph Savage Waltz: Sydney Goode & James Greene Waltz: Edna Gutterman & Frederick Gabel
Fourteen Step: Sydney Goode and James Greene Fourteen Step: Virginia Slattery & Ferrier Martin Fourteen Step: Edna Gutterman & Frederick Gabel

1922 U.S. Figure Skating Championships

SC of Boston skaters won four out of the five championship events. In singles, Sherwin Badger won his third-consecutive men’s title and Theresa Weld Blanchard won her third-consecutive ladies title. Weld Blanchard also won her fourth pairs and ice dancing (Fourteen Step) titles with Nathaniel Niles. Beatrix Loughran and Edward Howland won the Waltz with Weld Blanchard and Niles finishing just behind them in second. (Prior to 1936, the ice dancing event was held as two separate events).

1922 U.S. Championships Medalists

Gold Silver Bronze
Ladies Theresa Weld Blanchard Beatrix Loughran -
Men’s Sherwin Badger Nathaniel Niles -
Pairs Theresa Weld Blanchard & Nathaniel Niles Mrs. Edward Howland & Mr. Edward Howland Edith Rotch & Francis Munroe
Ice Dancing Waltz: Beatrix Loughran & Edward Howland Waltz: Theresa Weld Blanchard & Nathaniel Niles Waltz: Mrs. Henry Howe & Mr. Henry Howe
Fourteen Step: Theresa Weld Blanchard & Nathaniel Niles Fourteen Step: Mrs. Henry Howe & Mr. Henry Howe Fourteen Step: Ella Snelling & Sherwin Badger


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