U.S. Figure Skating Facebook Timeline

3 Jul

In December of 2011, Facebook released the new Timeline feature across their network of social media profiles. The new feature allows you to go back in time and pinpoint important milestones throughout your personal or professional page. Many companies have filled out their history via the Facebook timeline and U.S. Figure Skating is now no different.

As you may have noticed over the past week, you are now able to click on any year from 1908 to 2012 and re-live some of U.S. Figure Skating’s finest moments.

What’s Currently Included on the Timeline

  • Every U.S. Championships, beginning in 1914 – Each year the champions are named and many feature an additional tidbit or fact about the event.
  • Every World Championships medal – Every medal the U.S. has taken home at a World Championship is mentioned.
  • Every Olympic Games – Beginning with the Summer Games in 1908, each Olympic Games has a recap.
  • Every U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships – Beginning in 1984 when it was the U.S. Precision Championships, each yeah has a synchronized skating recap.

There are also a host of other updates from 1908-2009 (U.S. Figure Skating began its Facebook page in 2009 so events after 2009 are already covered through normal updates and posts).

Feel free to look back through the years of U.S. Figure Skating’s Timeline and post comments on and like your favorite memories and photos. We will be posting additional timeline entries over the next few weeks and feel free to suggest a milestone or correct something you feel may be a mistake. Email ideas and corrections to socialmedial@usfigureskating.org.

Click here to visit the U.S. Figure Skating Timeline.

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