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University of Delaware Confident as Defending Champions

17 Apr

By Kristin Zinsmeister

The University of Delaware Collegiate Figure Skating Team (UDCFST) is on the rise. They are the 2011 Intercollegiate Team champions and are undefeated this season, having won at Cornell in November, MIT in February and on its home ice at UD’s intercollegiate competition in March.

“It’s really exciting to be able to defend our title,” said Noelle Tuttle, the team’s public relations officer. “We have a great team again this year and we all work really well together. With the way our competitions have been going so far, I think we have a strong chance of repeating as national champions.”

Their next competition will be in Colorado Springs, Colo., for the 2012 Intercollegiate Team Championships, April 21-22 at Honnen Ice Arena on Colorado College’s campus. There, they will face competition from their main rivals, Dartmouth College and Boston University.

The Intercollegiate Team Championships originally lasted an afternoon, but are now two-day events, featuring skating from each skating level and college year. The event is the culmination of the intercollegiate competition season. To qualify, teams must participate in three conference events and earn the most points in their respective sections (Eastern, Midwestern and Pacific Coast). Approximately 30 colleges entered the series and the top three from each section qualify.

“We feel very confident and honored to have another opportunity to compete at the Intercollegiate Championships against such prestigious teams.” said Julianne DiMura, the team’s secretary.

UDCFST, along with many other intercollegiate skating programs, have experienced dramatic growth and acquired members who competed on the national and/or international circuit.

“It is amazing how competitive collegiate figure skating has become and how the quality of the participating skaters continues to improve each year, given the demands of balancing academics and training.” DiMura said.

Melinda Wang, the team’s treasurer, agreed.

“We have a great mix of dancers and freestyle skaters of all levels, making us an overall well-rounded, strong team,” Wang said. “As a board member, it becomes really difficult to decide which skater will receive a start because our team is so large and all of our skaters are dedicated, talented and would compete really well.”

UDCFST consists of 28 members that include five seniors, seven juniors, seven sophomores and nine freshmen. They hold one team practice per week, which their coach, Joel McKeever, oversees. However, each skater must practice individually at times that accommodate their academic schedules and may take lessons from any coach(es) they choose. Members must also participate in team workouts, which include things such as weightlifting and Pilates.

To learn more about intercollegiate skating, visit www.usfsa.org/programs.

Julianne DiMura - Courtesy of Christie Kievit


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